What is the Christmas Readathon?

Now it is the last week of November, it is finally time to say goodbye to fall and hello to the festive season! From today, there are 29 days left until Christmas. I love Christmas. I love the whole season of giving, spending time with family and friends and obviously, the food is a major thing I love. The whole season of being people together is a perfect time to do a readathon.

What Do We Have To Do Within the Readathon?

The main idea for the end of the readathon is to complete all of the challenges that are set out at the beginning of the month so you can complete the readathon. Very very simple.

For this readathon, you can double up challenges when picking a book if the book matches two or more challenges. This is down to knowing not everyone reads large amounts of books per month and setting yourself a TBR of 12 books is pretty high. Especially if you are in school or work full time (like me).

How to Enter in the Readathon:

You can enter the readathon by either joining the Discord server for the readathon and/or by putting up a post on your blog about the readathon and link it back to this post. 

When Will The Challenges Be Released?

The challenges will be released either tomorrow or Thursday which will still allow you to get your TBR ready for the beginning of December.

Is there a Group or something for the Readathon?

Yes, there is! After joining the Blogger Discord chat, I really liked the type of organisation Discord provided on a server so I created one just for the readathon.

Here is a link where you can join the Discord server to share your posts with other people who are also doing it!

If you haven’t used Discord before then that’s okay. It takes a while to get a hang on it!

Are you interested in this readathon? More information about the readathon will be released within the coming days! Comment below and let me know. I am so pumped for this readathon, I hope you are too.

Till then readers!


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