Little Updates…

So after my most recent blog post, here are some little updates for you.

If you didn’t know I have a new blog over at

I am planning on blogging on my new blog starting from this week. I am so excited to start blogging on this blog soon. Like so excited. It’s like starting an unused notebook type of feeling.

It is finally time to say goodbye to this blog. Even though I am sad to say goodbye to this blog, I am planning on closing this site at the end of May. This is will hopefully give you guys enough time to follow my new blog within that time. 

After scanning the internet, I have finally got the WordPress follow button on my website. It was so easy after reading a simple blog post going through the step-by-step process in how to get this. Now you can follow any new blogs I post with a simple click on a button.

I will be posting on this blog this week, telling you why I have been on hiatus since December.

Hope to see you guys there!

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