Review Policy

If you are a publisher or author and would like to work with me in getting attention to your book/books, then here are some guidelines. 


I mostly read fantasy and science fiction novels, but I enjoy reading books that have a paranormal element (e.g. fae, vampires) and historical fiction. 

The genre’s I don’t read are; non-fiction, horror, thrillers, contemporary romances, and erotica.


As I have a kindle, I will be needing a MOBI format of your book so I can read it on it. I do accept physical copies of books if it isn’t any trouble for the author or publisher to give me one to review. 


Price? Really? Why is this in here? Just for clarification, I don’t plan on charging any author or publisher to review a book they give me. 

If you are interested in the sending me over books, please email me over at with:

  • Name of your book
  • Genre
  • Release date – only if the book isn’t out
  • Short description of what the book is about